Asbestos Removal ADN Earth Works

Asbestos Removal

ADN Earthworks holds all necessary licencing and permits to undertake all Asbestos removal works. Here at ADN all employees are experienced and highly qualified to handle asbestos. All our work practices are compliant with the requirements of SafeWork NSW (WorkCover), the relevant local authorities, Legislations and Australian Standards.

Since Asbestos is highly hazardous when inhaled, it is paramount that it is handled by trained professionals. Bonded asbestos is safe as long as it’s maintained in its bonded state, if broken there is a potential for fibres to become airborne. Here at ADN we ensure that all precautions are taken when handling any asbestos. Even if there is even a small chance that asbestos is present, ADN will treat it as asbestos contaminated until proven otherwise.

Asbestos contaminated sites are barricaded & warning signs are erected to delineate the asbestos work area. Wet spray method is also employed to suppress the potential for fibres from becoming airborne. Asbestos is placed in a suitable double sealed heavy duty bag and identified for disposal to only EPA approved tipping facilities. Our staff are supplied with all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) including respirators to ensure their safety. Job specific Safe Work Method Statements and Asbestos Control Plans are prepared and given to all staff undertaking the works to ensure the work is performed in the safest possible manner.

All our work sites are decontaminated to ensure that the potential for asbestos to leave the site is minimised. Vehicles leaving the work site during the works are washed down and a final decontamination is performed at completion to include all equipment, tools, plant & personnel. An asbestos clearance certificate can also be provided.

Rest assured our experience and professionalism from start to finish will ensure any asbestos contaminated site is cleared in a safe and efficient manner.