Site Remediation ADN Earth Works

Site Remediation

Hazardous or contaminated materials located on site when found on site can hold up works from progressing. For that reason if the site is remediated properly the first time around it will speed up the work. At ADN Earthworks we are experienced with site remediation either it be from previously contaminated activities being conducted on the site or it being a petrol station with underground storage tanks (USTs). Left over petroleum or gas can sometimes be located in the USTs. ADN can organise the removal of the dangerous liquids and the safe removal of the USTs.

We ensure that our sites are remediated accordingly to meet all legislative requirements and the requirements of the Remediation Action Plan (RAP). We have plenty of experience liaising with both the client and the environmental consultant directly.

To ensure all contaminations are eliminated from the site a series of tests are carried out until a negative result for contaminants is returned. Once a clearance is issued normal protocol is adopted, however if at any time it is suspected that further contaminants are present, further tests are carried out as precaution. Odour and colour are usually good indicators of contaminants.

ADN Earthworks can take full control of the remediation of any site by efficiently and proficiently removing all contaminants without ever comprising safety with the environment always in mind.