ADN Earthworks

Piling Operations

ADN Earthworks undertakes all piling works in-house. Our fleet of piling rigs ranges from 25T to 150T and are operated by our team of trained and qualified machine operators and technicians. Our piling operations are supported by our earthworks and excavation teams to ensure seamless project functionality. This allows ADN to deliver earthworks, piling works, and shoring works as a single package.

CFA Piling

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piling a.k.a Grout Injected Piles are utilised when ground profiles are unstable/collapsible and where significant water ingress in expected. CFA piling is utilised for Shoring piles and Foundation piles and requires a larger operations crew which includes a full-time excavator and concrete pump. CFA piling involves drilling a continuous flight auger to depth and injecting concrete through the auger as the auger is slowly withdrawn, cages are thereafter placed after the auger is removed. ADN Earthworks undertakes all CFA piling works in-house. Contact us to enquire about our capabilities and operations.

Shoring Piles

Shoring Piles are utilised as part of the construction of shoring walls. Shoring piles are structural cast in place concrete piers which are drilled from ground level prior to the commencement of excavation. Shoring piles are utilised for Soldier pile walls, Contiguous pile walls, and Secant pile walls.

Contiguous Piles

Contiguous Shoring Piles are cast in place structural piles which are closely spaced with gaps of between 50-100mm between each pile. Contiguous piles are utilised when the substrate is collapsible, water ingress is expected, or as a load bearing element. Drainage strips are placed in the gaps between the piles prior to grouting the voids. Alternatively, shotcrete can be sprayed over the face of the piles with a min.50mm coverage for a more consistent finish.

Soldier Piles

Soldier piles walls are the most common type of shoring system for basement excavations. The piles on soldier piles walls are separated by gaps/panels of between 500mm to 2500mm. As excavation is undertaken in stages as determined by an engineer, reinforcement mesh is fixed to piles and panels are subsequently sprayed with shotcrete. This retains the substate between the piles and delivers a cast in place concrete panel finish. Stable substrate is required to undertake soldier pile shoring systems to avoid any collapsing of material prior to the application of shotcrete.

Secant Piles

Secant Piles systems are shoring walls in which the piles overlap. These overlapping piles create a watertight structural wall which may be load bearing. Secant pile walls are undertaken when the substrate is highly collapsible or there is significant water ingress. To undertake a secant pile wall, a guide wall must first be constructed to form a Mould for the piles to be drilled so as to achieve the overlapping of piles. ADN earthworks are experienced in the construction and design of secant piles shoring systems, contact us for further information.

Foundation Piles

Foundations piles are cast in place pier foundation systems which support structures by transferring loads to substrate which achieves greater bearing pressure. The depth and size of the pier is determined by the loads which will be supported and the substate composition. ADN Earthworks undertake foundation piles under construct only and D&C contracts.

Design & Construct

ADN Earthworks utilise the most trusted and specialised engineers for our design works. We work closely with our engineers during the design and construction processes to ensure that piles are installed in accordance with design specifications and that design specification meet design requirements. Contact ADN Earthworks to consult on your next D&C project and find out how we can improve the functionality and efficiency of your design in a cost-effective manner.

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